An Inspector Calls

Explore the ways in which Priestley makes this such a dramatic and significant moment in play.

Act 2; page 33 to page 35.

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This is the point where Eric has been sent to bed by his father (emphasising how his parents treat him as a naughty child) and the inspector is questioning Gerald. Mrs Birling wants Sheila out of the way too, presumably guessing that the information imparted will be less than savoury. The tension is conveyed when Sheila realises the depth of their shallow treatment of Eva Smith

'...Probably between us we killed her.'

We also begin to see the cracks in the respectable society the Birlings consider themselves to inhabit-

'GERALD: Old Joe Meggarty, half-drunk...wedged her into a corner with that obscene fat caracse of his-

MRS BIRLING:( cutting in) There's no need to be disgusting. And surely you don't ,ean Alderman Meggarty?'


'An Inspector Calls' - J B Priestley