An Inspector Calls

Explain Mr Birling's attitude in act 2

What was his reaction with the inspector?

How did he feel when he knew his family was involved in Eva's death?

Please give evidence.

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We see that Mr and Mrs Birling are more embarrassed at being found out for their thoughtless treatment of Eva Smith rather than regretting what happened to her as a consequence. Mr Birling is more concerned with losing his knighthood than a young girl losing her life. Mrs Birling appears not to believe that someone like Eva, a 'lower class' person, could even have feelings, let alone need them taking into account. His attitude revolves around protecting his own social status whereby do not seem to care for anyone but themselves and their family, this can be recognised when the Inspector reveals all about Eva Smith, and their reaction to this awful death, even though they are involved, seems to be non-existent, through evidence from the inspector, they still persist that they haven't participated to this death.