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What essay writing services is used by your friends and groupmates?

I need to complete my essay till Friday. And I have no idea what even to start with. Please suggest me a good service where I can order my work for the low price. I know that all people from our group are using "Marvelous Essays" website and I am interesting if there anything else as good as this one. Thanks!

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Thanks a lot, Aslan. I will check it.

GradeSaver provides editing services but they cannot write your essay for you.

Hey everybody! hope it is allowed to answer the question you have posted by yourself. Well, I will be really short. Except "Marvelous Essays" website. some of my other friends from this site, offered me to check "Supreme Essays" and something like "Prime Writing". Tell you the truth, I have just received my finished paper from the last one and I am fully satisfied with what I have. The structure of an essay and the content meet the requirements of the professor. These are not a scams and not fraudulent sources for sure.