American Psycho


Major characters

  • Patrick Bateman - The narrator of the novel
  • Evelyn Richards - Bateman's girlfriend
  • Timothy Price - Bateman's best friend and colleague. Later appears as a teenager in Ellis' novel The Informers
  • Paul Owen - Bateman's colleague who is later murdered by Bateman
  • Jean - Bateman's secretary, whom Bateman refers to as "Jean, my secretary who is in love with me"
  • Luis Carruthers - A closeted homosexual co-worker who is in love with Bateman, something that disgusts him
  • Courtney Lawrence - Luis' girlfriend who is having an affair with Bateman
  • Craig McDermott - Bateman's colleague, part of a social foursome alongside Bateman, Timothy Price and David Van Patten
  • David Van Patten - Bateman's colleague, also part of Bateman's main social group

Minor characters

  • "Christie" – A prostitute, employed and abused sexually on multiple occasions by Bateman before he eventually murders her. Bateman gives her this name; her real one is never revealed.
  • Elizabeth - A dinner date of Bateman's, drugged and coerced into having sex with "Christie" before being murdered.
  • Marcus Halberstam – Bateman's colleague; Paul Owen repeatedly mistakes Bateman for Marcus.
  • Donald Kimball – Private detective hired to investigate Paul Owen's disappearance.
  • Alison Poole – Sexually assaulted by Bateman; created by Ellis' friend Jay McInerney in his novel Story of My Life[12] and based on McInerney's former girlfriend Rielle Hunter; reappears as a main character in Ellis's later novel Glamorama, where she is involved with the lead character, Victor Ward.
  • Sean Bateman – Younger brother of Patrick Bateman and also the lead character of The Rules of Attraction.
  • Paul Denton – Friend of Paul Owen, who also appears in The Rules of Attraction where he is possibly romantically involved with Patrick's brother Sean.
  • Christopher Armstrong – Bateman's colleague at Pierce & Pierce.
  • Bethany – An old girlfriend of Patrick's whom, after a date, he murders in a particularly heinous manner.
  • Stash – Evelyn's friend, is HIV positive.
  • Vanden – Evelyn's friend from the East Village who attends Camden College, the main setting of The Rules of Attraction.
  • Al - A homeless man whom Bateman blinds and disfigures with a knife.

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