All the President's Men

Cast of characters

The President

  • Richard Nixon[4][5]

The President's Men

(listed with their 1972 positions in either the president's executive staff or in his re-election committee, where applicable)

White House

  • Alexander P. Butterfield, Deputy Assistant to the President
  • Dwight L. Chapin, Deputy Assistant to the President
  • Ken W. Clawson, Deputy Director of Communications for the President
  • Charles W. Colson, Chief Counsel for the President
  • John W. Dean III, White House Counsel
  • John D. Ehrlichman, Counsel and Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs
  • H.R. Haldeman, White House Chief of Staff
  • E. Howard Hunt, Jr., President's Special Investigations Unit ("White House Plumbers")
  • Henry A. Kissinger, National Security Advisor
  • Egil Krogh, Jr., head of the President's Special Investigations Unit ("White House Plumbers")
  • Gerald Warren, White House Press Secretary, succeeding Ziegler
  • David R. Young, special assistant at the National Security Council
  • Ronald L. Ziegler, White House Press Secretary

Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP)

  • Kenneth H. Dahlberg, CRP's Midwest finance chairman
  • Herbert W. Kalmbach, personal attorney to United States President Richard Nixon and Deputy Finance Chairman of CRP
  • G. Gordon Liddy, CRP employee
  • Clark MacGregor, CRP Chairman
  • Jeb Stuart Magruder, Deputy Director, and assistant to the Director of CRP
  • Robert C. Mardian, CRP political coordinator
  • John N. Mitchell, Attorney General, and CRP campaign director
  • Robert C. Odle, Jr., Director of Administration ("office manager") for CRP
  • Kenneth W. Parkinson, CRP counsel
  • Herbert L. Porter, CRP organizer and former White House aide[6]
  • Donald H. Segretti, political operative for CRP
  • Hugh W. Sloan, Jr., CRP treasurer
  • Maurice H. Stans, CRP finance chairman
  • Gordon C. Strachan, staff assistant to Herbert G. Klein but was assigned to be H.R. Haldeman's liaison to CRP

Rest of the President's Men

  • Alfred C. Baldwin III
  • John J. Caulfield
  • L. Patrick Gray III, acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Richard G. Kleindienst, Attorney General (succeeding John Mitchell)
  • Fred LaRue, no rank, title, salary or even listing in the White House directory
  • Powell Moore
  • Kenneth Rietz
  • DeVan L. Shumway

The Burglars

  • Bernard L. Barker
  • Virgilio R. Gonzalez
  • Eugenio R. Martinez
  • James W. McCord, Jr.
  • Frank A. Sturgis

The Prosecutors

  • Henry E. Petersen, United States Assistant Attorney General
  • Earl J. Silbert, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia
  • Donald E. Campbell, assistant U.S. Attorney
  • Seymour Glanzer, Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia

The Judge

  • John J. Sirica, District Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia

The Washington Post

  • Carl Bernstein, Reporter
  • Bob Woodward, Reporter
  • Benjamin C. Bradlee, Executive Editor
  • Katharine Graham, Publisher
  • Harry M. Rosenfeld, Metropolitan Editor
  • Howard Simons, Managing Editor
  • Barry Sussman, City Desk Editor
  • Brett Gurganious, Local News Reporter

The Senator

  • Sam Ervin (D-NC), chair of the Senate Watergate Committee

The Informant

  • Deep Throat (now known to be W. Mark Felt)[1]

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