All My Sons

compare and contraste keller's attitude before and after larry latter was introduced. relat to the questions below(1) how does keller feel about larry? ( bafore and after)

all my sons

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Larry is portrayed by his father as the more sensible and practical of his sons, the one with a head for business who would understand his father's arguments. Larry, not Chris, possessed the stronger sense of honor and connectedness, and Larry sacrificed himself in penance for his father's misdeeds. After the letter, Joe realizes that he was accountable to larry. He sees that Larry ad no illusions about responsibility for what happened. Joe calls for the car and is ready to go upstairs to get a jacket. Mother tries to stop him, saying that Larry would not have sent him to jail. But Keller says that this is exactly what Larry is saying in the letter. "I think to him they were all my sons"--all the pilots who died.