All My Sons

choose 2 characters with conflicting approaches to life. describe their approaches.


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Chris' biggest problem with hs father is their differing opinions about the business. Joe thinks it's all about business and making money........ Chris believes in enjoying himself............ he isn't materialistic.

Kate (Chris' mom) is most worried that her son's belief in honesty and goodness will rub off on her husband.

Ann...... she simply wants him to tell his family the truth and out the secrets. She wants the man and a marriage. Ann is the realist in the bunch, and she brings that to their relationship;

"I know what you're thinking, Annie. It's true. I'm yellow. I was made yellow in this house because I suspected my father and I did nothing about it… Now if I look at him, all I'm able to do is cry… I could jail him, if I were human any more. But I'm like everybody else now. I'm practical now. You made me practical." (Part 3)

Source(s): All My Sons