All But My Life

Life after the War

In 1946 Gerda and Kurt Klein were married in Paris, France. They settled in Kenmore, New York and had three children and eight grandchildren. Gerda became involved with several local and national charities and soon began to speak about her experiences during the war.

The story of Gerda and Kurt's meeting and life together has been featured on numerous television shows, including Oprah, 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning. A book of their letters, The Hours After, is a poignant collection of correspondence between Gerda and Kurt Klein following the war.

In 2013 she published The Windsor Caper (2013), a children's story that had been hidden away since the 1980s when it was a weekly serial in the Buffalo News; it is now available both as in ebook and paperback form. The book tells a charming story of two little American girls who have a great, night-time adventure in Windsor Castle, England. It features strange dreams, a foiled robbery and some wonderful heraldic beasties, plus various historical characters including King Henry VIII. Gerda describes it as the only one of her books that is "not rooted in pain". It is written to provide kids with pure enjoyment from start to finish.

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