Alas, Babylon

What instances are there of people being in positions of power or public authority who Should not be, before and after The Day?

Alas babylon

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So many people in power fail to deliver their office. In chapter 3 both Edgar and the Judge are shown to lack integrity. They are boastful and proud of their financial prowess which makes Randy uncomfortable.Edgar had not prepared the bank for any kind of emergency. When it came, Edgar's world fell apart. Porky Logan, the State's representative, is useless. Rather than doing anything constructive, he dies from radiation poisoning coveting his contaminated jewelry.

Bubba Offenhaus really doesn't do much. It is Randy that must take up his slack. Bubba hides away in his house rejecting the obvious seriousness of the situation,

"a public appearance exposed him to all sorts of requests and problems which frightened him and about which he could do nothing. "