Across Five Aprils Quotes


War meant loud brass music and shining horses ridden by men wearing uniforms...


For Jethro, war is not tragic and dangerous like for his mother. For him, war means glory, fanfare and patriotism. Jethro associates war with honor and dignity, which doesn’t happen in his mother’s case. Jethro’s opinion on war changes rapidly because he is able to observe how war affects not only a country, but individual families as well.

I don't know if anybody ever "wins" a war, Jeth. I think that the beginnin's of this war has been fanned by hate till it's a blaze now; and a blaze kin destroy him that makes it and him that the fire was set to hurt.


When Bill and Jethro talk about war, Bill tells Jethro that in a war, there are no winners and losers because in the end everyone loses something more than it gains. Despite this, Bill goes to war anyway and fights for what he believes to be right even though he is criticized for his decision.

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