A Wrinkle in Time

What was a important conflict in the novel?

And maybe a page number? Thank you

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THere are many conflicts in the novel both internal and external. One internal conflict exists between Meg and her fear and self-doubt. Meg faces much self doubt to in order to find her father and save Charles Wallace. THen there is the whole "dark power" thing that threatens the universe. That would be an external conflict.

The novel's biggest conflict belongs to Meg and becomes a recurring theme in the story..... this would be individuality vs conformity. From the beginning we see Meg's character ready to conform and fighting against her own uniqueness; because of this she gets into fights and misbehaves..... through her experiences we see Meg eventually come to embrace the things within herself that are "different," but it's a long road, and in the end.... love is the ultimate answer, and you have to know how to love yourself first.


A Wrinkle In Time