A Wrinkle in Time

how are the creatures an occurrences the children see on Uriel foreign to what is seen on earth

how are the creatures they see and things that happen they see on Uriel different from what is seen earth.

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After arriving on Uriel, Mrs. Which then tells Mrs. Whatsit to “show them (the children).” Mrs. Whatsit then begins to transform herself out of her old body and into an indescribable creature, best pictured as a horse with wings. When Calvin falls to his knees to worship the thing, Mrs. Whatsit tells him to never do that to her. The children climb onto the back of the creature and they begin to fly.

They gaze at the new world around them and are amazed by its beauty. They fly over a garden “more beautiful than anything in a dream” that is filled with creatures like the one Mrs. Whatsit had become. They are singing, but not from their throats - rather from their wings. Though Meg cannot understand the music, Mrs. Whatsit implores Charles Wallace to translate it. On Charles Wallace’s face, Meg can see the look of someone trying to wrap their minds around a great puzzle. Mrs. Whatsit soon translates it, and the words begin with “Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein....” Meg feels a “pulse of joy” at these words, though Mrs. Whatsit sighs with a “whisper of doubt.”

Mrs. Whatsit calls for other beasts to bring the children flowers that they will need for their journey. They all begin to move upward and the world below begins to disappear. They have to breathe through the flowers they have because of the lack of oxygen as they continue to rise. Soon they reach the plateau of one of the mountains. Before their eyes, they can see a moon, and behind them empty space, and Mrs. Whatsit makes them watch the empty space. They stare into the thin atmosphere and soon they see a growing shadow out in space. Though Meg can’t adequately explain it, it is “dark and dreadful” and it covers the light of the stars. Calvin wants it to go away because he feels it is evil, and soon they can no longer stare at this darkness. Mrs. Whatsit descends back into the valley and Meg asks whether the dark thing they saw was what her father is fighting.