A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

the word rent has more than one meaning what meaning is used here? what is another more common meaning?


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Rent- to collect a fee for the use of something

I don't know what text you're referring to here, but from the story I am going to assume it means "to tear something or someone apart."

THis comes when the Spider-girl shows up, "having danced all night without permission, a fearful thunderclap rent the sky"; "rent" in this case means crashed or flooded forcefully or broke the sky.

You probably need to be a little more specific with your questions. Having to guess sections, chapters, or looking for a specific phrase can be a bit difficult.

I am really sorry :) but caz tomw i have an exam so thats why i am searching for the answ

Aha! And the thunderclap tore the sky apart works. That's a relief!

No problem, search away!