A Time to Kill Characters

A Time to Kill Character List

Tonya Hailey

An African American girl (age 10) who is violently raped and beaten by two white men.

Carl Lee Hailey

The father of Tonya. Enraged by his daughter's attack, he murders her two rapists with a M-16 and is charged with murder.

Jake Brigance

A white lawyer who is friends with the Hailey family. He has a young daughter. He successful defends Carl Lee.

Ellen Roark

A lawyer who offers her services as a clerk for free in wake of the trial.

Lucien Wilbanks

Disbarred attorney and friend of Jake. He helps him with the case.

Harry Rex Vonner

Divorce lawyer who helps Jake.

James Louis "Pete" Willard and Billy Ray Cobb

Two white racists, they attack Tonya and are murdered by Carl Lee.