A Thousand Splendid Suns

What is the main purpose of introducing Shanzai?

Hosseini introduces the character Shanzai, "Khala Rangmaal" because of what reason?

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I think it is to show the contrast between miramin and Lila to show how lila has an education and is breaking through barriers.


a thousand splendid suns

Shanzai is the children's teacher. She announces that she is the "daughter of a poor peasant." She did not cover up and forbade other girls to do so. She said that, "women and men were equal in every way". The teacher represents a radically different thought on women in Islamic society. Her opinion is uncommon. Indeed it is uncommon and dangerous for a woman to have an opinion at all. She symbolizes a type of progress that is elusive to women but also has an effect on the girls. She is an example of possibilities.