A Thousand Splendid Suns


Well, this is GRADE saver right?A.K.A a saver of grades? the reason i ask is that i just recently looked at my summer reading sheet and realised that two projects are due during the summer (in two days time D=) so i was wondering if i could fish for a few quotes(as they are necessary for my project and i don't own the book)

If anyone can get me quotes about the following, i would be most pleased.

-Nana's past strife with men

-Jalil's dislike/embarassment of his side family (Nana and Mariam)

-Rasheed's tragic past

-Nana and Mariam's relationship (negative)

-Fariba and Laila's relationship (negative)

-Laila and Aziza's relationship (positive)

-Rasheed's abusive nature

-Tariq beating up the piss squirtgun kid

-Laila's parents death (tragic)

Again, i thank you for reading this, and a special thanks to anyone who can help me out a bit! ;)

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Oh, one thing i left out. If the quote comes in the form of dialog, please try to find who said it.


Nevermind what I wrote, I've found a different source for my project and already went to turn it in. I sure hope Mrs. Powers likes it!

Can you post the source please because i need it also. =D