A Streetcar Named Desire

I have a few Scene one questions

2) Briefly characterize Blanche Dubois. What evidence is there in the text that supports your characterization?

3) How does Blanche react to Stella’s apartment? Why do you think she is shocked when she arrives at her destination?

4) Briefly describe the relationship between Stella and Blanche.

5) What does Blanche do while waiting for Stella to return to her apartment? What does this reveal about her character?

6) Identify two examples of Blanche’s deception in this scene. What does this reveal about her character?

7) Why does Blanche claim she has come to New Orleans? Do you believe her?

8) What is Belle Reve and what is revealed about it? How does Stella react to this revelation?

9) Briefly characterize Stan What evidence is there in the text that support you characterization?

10) What is revealed about Blanche’s marriage at the end of the scene? What is her reaction to revealing this information? Scenes Two and Three,

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2. Not quite a heroine, Blanche is the complicated protagonist of the play. She is a faded Southern belle without a dime left to her name, after generations of mismanagement led to the loss of the family fortune. Blanche spent the end of her youth watching the older generation of her family die out before losing the DuBois seat at Belle Reve. This experience, along with the suicide of her young homosexual husband, deadened Blanche's emotions and her sense of reality. Desire and death became intricately linked in her life as she led a loose and increasingly careless life, and indeed, after losing her position as a schoolteacher she is forced to depend on the kindness of her one living relation, her sister Stella. Blanche tries to continue being the Southern belle of her youth, but she is too old and has seen too much, and soon her grip on reality begins to slip. She has difficulty understanding the passion in her sister's marriage and is coolly calculating in her relationship with Mitch - yet barely manages to suppress a latent nymphomania.

You will have to submit each of your other questions one at a time.