A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche says "Soemthing's The matter tonight, but never mind. I won't cross-examine the witness. I'll just pretend I don't notice anything different about you " how does this statement compare to her relationship with Alan ?

a streetcar named desire

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In this conversation with Mitch, Blanche is beginning to lose what sanity she has had. She is trying to pretend that everything is okay and the romance with Mitch is proceeding exactly as it should. However, she realizes that Mitch knows about her relationship with Alan and that her charade at being a clean-living Southern belle is simply that: a charade. Her relationship with Allan was also in a charade for two reasons: when she married him, he was much younger than she was, and it turns out he was a homosexual Her discovery of him in bed with a male lover ends her realtionship with Allan, her disgust with Allan's homosexuality ultimately causes his suicide. Blanche loses her innocence with Allan; now Mitch has lost his innocence in his belief in Blanche and her honesty and sees her as nothing more than a slut.