A Separate Peace

select one scene from the novel a sperate peace in which both gene and phineas are present. rewrite the scene from phineas perspective. consider which details will change when given from phineas perspective.

i dont need an entire essay but if you could just pick out a scene to make it easier

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I've always enjoyed the scene in Chapter Two, when Mr. Patch-Withers has what I guess we'd call a tea party for his class. Finny and Gene are both present, and Finny is his gregarious, witty, and confidant self. Unfortunately, Finny isn't as up on the doings of the war as he'd like everyone to believe....

To change the scene around and tell it from Finny's perspective, you might want to give him truly intelligent dialogue, rewrite the "tie" episode, possibly have him talk the group into wearing their ties as belts...... make him a leader.