A Separate Peace

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What are 3 quotes showing the theme Friendship and Rivalry in chapter 8 and as well is Friendship and Rivalry a theme? If you could give a small explaination as well on why it shows Friendship and Rivalry that would help alot as well

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I can help you with one quote. Phineas harbors a lot of resentment and anger. He has many outbursts that he does not quite understand himself. Here Finny has just had an outburst at Gene and he (Finny) is even surprised at his own hostility.

The moment was past. Phineas I know had been even more startled than I to discover this bitterness in himself. Neither of us ever mentioned it again, and neither of us ever forgot that it was there. Ch. 8

How does that show friendhship and rivalry?

Both Finny and Gene are close friends despite the bottled up feelings that exist. These feelings give their relationship a new sense of rivalry. It is a rivalry based on passive aggressive guilt and blame that they both harbor.

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