A Separate Peace

In the novel " A separate peace" What is Lepers description of the accident with Finny ?

like how does leper make finny feel

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At the end of Ch. 11 there is an impromptu trial that Brinker is only too happy to preside over. Leper is quite specific in his description of the incident. He begins by stating Gene and Finny's positions on the tree, "one of them was next to the trunk, holding" on to the tree, and the other one was "a little farther out on the limb." Leper starts getting all poetic using the metaphor of engine pistons on the branch. One piston comes down too hard (on purpose) to break the branch. Finny gets this all. Gene's role in the accident has really never been lost on him. This re-telling only makes his conflicting emotions worse. Finny yells at Brinker telling him that if he is so interested in the facts he can collect them himself. Finny runs out but falls on the staircase.