A Separate Peace

How did Jean deal with his friendship with Fenny after the accident? Would you have done anything differently?

Chapter 6

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As the fall term begins, Gene goes back to Devon and regimented life. Classes, crew, and daily life become routine. During one lecture, Finny called the school because he was worried that Gene would replace him by getting a new roommate; however, Gene is in their old room alone, and won't have another roommate before Finny comes back. Finny is very relieved to hear this, and also dismisses Gene's confession of responsibility for the accident by saying Gene must have been crazy during his visit to Finny's house. When Gene tells Finny that he isn't participating in sports, as a sort of show of sympathy with Finny, Finny gets upset; he tells Gene that Gene has to participate for him since he no longer can, and Gene decides to grant Finny this request.