A Separate Peace

Gene believes blitzball is a perfect game for Finny. Explain how the game is played. How do the rules of the game and skills need to play it reflect Finny's Character?

chapter 1-5

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Finny makes up a game called "blitzball," sort of a variation on rugby and football, and also adds new rules as they go. The game, though rather haphazard, is a hit that summer, and the nature of the game showcases Finny's incredible natural athleticism.

Finny's invention of "blitzball" shows many aspects of his character at work, especially his inventive spirit and his ability to balance chaos with rules. It also shows off Finny's incredible athletic ability, making him even more of a wonder in Gene's estimation. Gene is so impressed by Finny's skill at this difficult, invented game that he describes Finny as being capable of "acts of sheer mass hypnotism," a phrase which suggests some kind of player's charisma at the game. Gene's language becomes somewhat exaggerated, and heavy in praise, when he describes Finny's triumphs at blitzball; he is awe of Finny at this point, and channels this feeling into his characterization, which becomes almost impossibly impressive.