A Separate Peace

A Separate Peace, Chapter 5 Question's, HELP I Don't Understand This

1. What effect does Finny's injury have on Gene? What Effect does it have on the other Students? What effect does it have on the Teachers?

2. Why does Gene put on Finny's Clothes? How does he feel in them?

3. Finny Hasn't told anyone about Gene role in the Accident. What is Gene Guess as to why Not?

4. Why does Finny apologize to Gene?

5. Why Do you think Gene decides to tell Finny the Truth? Why doesn't he follow through, on the first visit in the infirmary?

6. How does Finny react when Gene admints the he caused the accident? Is Gene being Virtous - Or selfish - by telling the truth? Why doesn't he "Take it Back" when he see Finny's reaction?

7. Evaluate Finny's response to his injusty and Gene revolution. Is the response believable? Is it consistent with Finny previous attudes and Behavior? Support your opinions with evidence from the novel.

8. Would Gene believe that competition brings out the best or the worst in people? What Would Finny Believe? Support your anwers with evidence from the novel. Know how these characters would response, would you change your answer to this question? Why or why not?

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There are too many questions here. You need to separate them.