A Room With a View

Mr. Beebe

in the book does he coerce lucy that cecil wasnt a good choice and like what page and chapter? or does he tell her at all that he doesnt like cecil or george?

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Mr. Beebe is the town's pastor. He's a pleasant, God fearing man who likes to help; guide the souls of his flock as it is. The pastor embraces honesty, and he tends to see the goodness in those around him. If he can't see it up front he looks for it. Lucy has his full support throughout the novel up until the time she decides to marry George; he's completely against it. Mr. Beebe's begins feeling disappointment in Lucy and worrying about her in Chapter 18. From Chapter 18 through the end of the novel Lucy goes through various modes of anguish that ultimately lead to her elopement with George.


A Room With a View/ Chapters 18-20