A Raisin in the Sun

What stereotypes about women does Asagai reveal?

What is Beneatha's opinion about a relationship with Asagai?

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Asagai means to tell Beneatha how she should look, how she should act, and how she should define herself. Asagai gives Beneatha a Nigerian robe and promises to teach her how to drape it. Asagai's light comment about her straightened hair sparks a debate. Asagai feels that Beneatha's decision to straighten her hair rather than wear it naturally, in an afro, is symptomatic of the broader problem of assimilation amongst blacks in the United States. Beneatha does not agree. While Asagai knows how he feels, Beneatha still needs time to figure out whether she loves him in return. Beneatha is reluctant to give herself over to romantic love when she has not yet defined herself as a black woman and a feminist.