A Raisin in the Sun

How does the apartment affect the Youngers' life?

I understand the environment around the family affects their life greatly, but i do not understand how to put it in words. How does the tight, gloomy apartment directly affect their lives? PLEASE HELP ASAP

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The furniture in the Youngers' apartment is old and worn, but clean. The pattern on the carpet is threadbare; the couch is covered with dollies. Although it is only a one-bedroom apartment, five people live there. Beneatha and Mama live in the bedroom. Walter and his wife Ruth have converted the small breakfast nook into their bedroom. Their son Travis sleeps on the sofa in the living room, which serves as the dining area in the daytime. The multiple functions of the room present a challenge for young Travis. The night before the play begins, Travis has been up late because his father had friends over and the young boy was not able to go to sleep until they left. The Younger's living situation is both depressing and dream crushing.