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Discuss Forster’s treatment of the theme of colonialism.

Answer: A Passage to India may be a renowned novel of E. M. Forster written concerning victimization or imperialism. it absolutely was revealed in 1924 once India was inarticulate underneath the iron heals of British imperialism. The Indians were troubled for freedom underneath the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. The perspective of British Government towards the new chesty for freedom was terribly hostile. tho’ European country might have created its subject railroads run on time, it’s not been ready to establish important relationship with its subject folks. British Government on its policy of Divide and Rule

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Discuss the significance of the events in the Marabar Caves in A Passage to India.

Answer: Marabar Caves serve a really outstanding significance within the far-famed humanitarian novel “A Passage to India“. within the Marabar Caves the cross cultural tensions rises to its climax. In these caves Mrs. Moore, Adela Quested and Aziz area unit entirely modified. The visit to those cause causes the physical and religious breakdown of Mrs. Moore, leads Adela Quested to the verge of madness and lads Aziz to his absolute ruin. The visit to the Marabar Caves shows that a passage to Asian nation isn’t potential. It additionally shows the racial prejudice of the Christians against Islam. currently we have a tendency to shall see what happens within the Marabar Caves.

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