A Moveable Feast

Preserved video of two critical reactions from 1964

The basic cable channel GSN has rebroadcast the kinescope of an appearance that Sheilah Graham made on the American television show What's My Line? 23 years after the death of her boyfriend F. Scott Fitzgerald.[5][6] She appeared on an episode that was telecast live on CBS on June 7, 1964, when A Moveable Feast was on bestseller lists.[5][6] Graham appeared on the show to promote a book she had written, and she did not bring up A Moveable Feast.[5][6]

Bennett Cerf, the head of Random House publishing who was also a regular panelist on the network television series, initiated talk of Hemingway's new bestselling book.[5] Cerf, who was two years younger than Fitzgerald and one year older than Hemingway, had the following exchange with Graham according to the kinescope of the telecast that is available for viewing on YouTube.[7]

Cerf: Miss Graham, after, after this new Hemingway book, I hope you're going to answer some of the remarks that were made in that book about Scott Fitzgerald.

Graham: Well, I would like to. I'm not sure I'm the right person, although I am the right person...

Cerf: Ah, you certainly are the right person.

Graham: ... to answer that. I thought it was rather dreadfully cruel to Scott Fitzgerald and, untrue in, uh, in certain areas, shall we say.

Cerf: Well, I hope you'll straighten the record.

Graham: [unintelligible] ... try

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