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A Modest Proposal and Other Satires Quizzes

by Jonathan Swift

A Modest Proposal and Other Satires Quiz 1

1. In the beginning of "A Modest Proposal,” what are the mothers of Ireland doing instead of working?

  • begging for their infant children
  • ignoring their infant children
  • stealing
  • engaging in prostitution

2. What do the children of the begging mothers do when they grow up?

  • find employment to support themselves
  • borrow money to support themselves
  • steal, fight for Spain, or sell themselves
  • steal, fight for France, or sell themselves

3. The writer calls the condition of the poor children in Ireland what?

  • deplorable
  • commendable
  • unavoidable
  • regrettable

4. What should be done for the person who can solve the conditions in Ireland, or “whoever could find out a fair, cheap, and easy method of making these children sound, useful members of the commonwealth”?

  • he should be banished
  • he should receive a medal
  • he should be executed
  • a statue should be erected for him

5. According to Swift's narrator, for how long may a child be supported on mother's milk, and perhaps two shillings?

  • six months
  • one year
  • three years
  • two years

6. What is NOT an advantage to his idea that Swift's narrator cites in “A Modest Proposal”?

  • it will decrease sibling rivalry
  • it will decrease the number of voluntary abortions
  • it will decrease the population of Ireland
  • it will decrease wife-beating

7. According to Swift's narrator, how many people live in Ireland?

  • one million and a half
  • one million and a quarter
  • one million
  • two million

8. At what age does the narrator in “A Modest Proposal” think children learn the ability to steal?

  • age one
  • age six
  • age three
  • age seven

9. The merchants assure the narrator of “A Modest Proposal” that

  • a child of twelve is a saleable commodity
  • a child of twelve is not a saleable commodity
  • a child of twelve is not old enough to steal
  • a child of twelve would make a delicious dinner

10. The acquaintance of the narrator, who assures him that a child is a “delicious food,” is from where?

  • America
  • England
  • Formosa
  • Spain

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