A Long Way Gone

Multiday Memoir: excerpt from “A Long Way Gone" By Ishmael Beah Chapter Questions please answer the ASAP

Beah would describe his life until the age of twelve as

A. impoverished.
B. depressing.
C. a normal childhood.
D. inspirational.

The moment when the tone of this passage is changes is when

A. they hear hip-hop for the first time. B. they arrive in Beah’s grandmother’s village. C. they are told that the rebels attacked their hometown. D. they see a man carrying his dead son.

Beah’s happy childhood was tainted by a somewhat difficult relationship with

A. his grandmother.
B. his father.
C. his stepfather.
D. his brother

After the rebel attack in Mogbwemo, most of the villagers

A. survived but were traumatized.
B. were in denial about the extent of their injuries.
C. stayed behind to protect their homes.
D. joined the rebel army.

This chapter of A Long Way Gone highlights

A. Beah’s village traditions.
B. Beah’s lost childhood.
C. Beah’s hometown.
D. the moral of Beah’s story.
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C. a normal childhood.

B. his father

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