A Long Way Gone

How does Ishmael know Gasemu? What does Gasemu say to Ishmael and how does this awaken Ishmael's memory of him? What did Gasemu say to him about Ishmael when he was little? About his forehead?


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Gasemu recognizes Beah from Mattru Jong. When they arrive to the outskirts of the village where it is rumored his parents have taken refuge in, Gasemu greets the boys. Instead of letting Beah run on to the village, he makes them help him carry bananas. While they are walking on to the village, rebels attack and all are killed. Beah blames Gasemu for keeping him from his family, though he comes to realize that it is not his fault and he is alive, once again, because of a twist of fate.

Gasemu remembers how Ishmael's forehead used to glow they thought when he was extremely happy.