A Long Way Gone

(Chapter5) When the rebels overtake beah and his brother and friends, they submit them to 2 selection process. 1)WHY? 2)What were the rebels selecting for? 3) what did they see in beah and his brother, Junior?

Its in chapter 5

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The rebels were selecting recruits to join them.

"Beah, his friends, and some other captured boys are then lined up to be selected for initiation into the RUF. The rebels’ first round picks include Khalilou, Beah, and a few others, but some rebels protest that the choosing was done poorly and they start over. This second time Junior is chosen but Beah and his friends are not. Junior and the other chosen boys are then told by the rebels that they will be initiated into the RUF through the trial of killing the boys who were not chosen. Junior nearly bursts into tears at the thought of killing the boys, but nearby gunshots disrupt the proceedings and the boys manage to scatter into the forest. Amid the chaos of exchanged gunfire, Beah escapes the rebels and believes himself alone until Junior and the others catch up with him. Reunited, the six boys make their way back to the village in which they had spent their time scavenging for food to sleep and consider their next steps."