A Lesson Before Dying

What are the subjects Grant and Reverand Ambross discuss? Why does Ambrose think that he i the educated one out of the both of them?

Both questions located in chapter 27

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Reverend Ambrose tries to recruit Grant to help him save Jefferson’s soul, but Grant is resistant, explaining that saving souls is the Reverend’s business, not his own. The Reverend grows accusatory and tells Grant that although he knows reading, writing, and arithmetic, he knows nothing of his own people, and is unaware of how much Tante Lou suffered to put him through college.

The conflict between Grant and Reverend Ambrose is the last important theme addressed in this section. Reverend Ambrose continues to pressure Grant to include religion in his lessons to Jefferson, and the chapter repeatedly situates the two men’s methods in opposition to each other. Both are too proud to cooperate with each other, as Miss Emma had hoped they would. Although A Lesson Before Dying is not a conversion narrative—Grant does not change his mind and embrace Reverend Ambrose’s worldview—Gaines does endorse collaboration between Christians and secular intellectuals on difficult problems, which range from educating Jefferson to giving the quarter children the tools to lift themselves out of poverty.