A Lesson Before Dying

A lesson before dying

In chapter 20, how are Grant and Reverend Ambrose treated when they were called to Pinchot's house to hear the news of the execution date? How do you explain the treatment by the sheriff and Mr. Pichot?

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Sheriff Guidry and Pichot are in the sitting room drinking coffee. The sheriff tells Grant that the execution will happen two Fridays after Easter, since it cannot be performed during Lent.

Sheriff Guidry reiterates that he doesn’t want any trouble, and Grant reflects angrily that the system should not let people decide when others should die. He is especially incensed that white men who know nothing of Jefferson’s experiences can so easily convict him with no evidence. Pichot dismisses Grant and the Reverend, and Grant storms off angrily, leaving Reverend Ambrose to tell Miss Emma that a date has been set.