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A Doll's House Quizzes

by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House Quiz 1

1. For whom did the Nurse work for before taking care of Nora's children?

  • Nora's father and little Nora
  • Dr. Skein and little Helmer
  • Mrs. Linde and her children
  • no one

2. What is the sweet that Nora is forbidden to eat?

  • macaroons
  • candy canes
  • fruit cakes
  • marzipan

3. Dr. Rank is dying from what?

  • fever of the brain
  • dysentery
  • diseased liver
  • consumption of the spine

4. How are Nora and Mrs. Linde related?

  • as old enemies
  • as sisters
  • as childhood friends
  • as mother and daughter

5. Which of the following events is the subject of discussion at the very beginning of the play?

  • Krogstad and Christine's marriage
  • Torvald and Nora's trip to Italy
  • Nora's deal with Krogstad
  • Torvald's promotion to manager of the bank

6. Which of the following is not a part of Nora's dilemma stemming from her loan from Krogstad?

  • She forged a signature to obtain the loan
  • She never told Torvald
  • She can't convince Torvald not to fire Krogstad
  • She is afraid her father will find out

7. Torvald and Nora are preparing the house for what?

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Nora's birthday

8. Mrs. Linde and Torvald both call Nora

  • a robin
  • a spendthrift
  • a buttercup
  • a lark

9. When does Nora finally leave the sitting room?

  • Act II, Scene 1
  • Act II, Scene 2
  • Act III
  • the end of Act I

10. Nora flirts with Dr. Rank, showing him what?

  • her silk gloves
  • her silk stockings
  • her silk slip
  • her new dress

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