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What page are these quotes (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan) located on?

"“There is no life without death. That is the true meaning of yin and yang” (I am not sure where this may be)

“In our country we call this type of mother love teng ai. My son has told me that in men's writing it is composed of two characters. The first means pain; the second means love. That is a mother's love.” (I believe this is to be within the 169-185 page range)

These are both from the book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I need these as soon as possible, as the essay is due in about an hour. I would be extremely grateful. Thank you to those who help. I know it is extremely short notice.

I also apologize for the wrong categorizing. I just don't know where else to turn to and I can't seem to find these myself.

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The first quote can be found on Page 97.

The second quote is on Page Two.