What is Julia afraid of?

Winston is broken in room 101 because of his fear of spiders. Julia gives in but what do you think it was to?????

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I don't think Julia lasted too long in "re-education". Unlike Winston, Julia treated their affair as sort of a game. She was kind of like a teenager sneaking out of her parent's house and rebelling. She knew the consequences of getting caught by the Party were dire but she thought she was smarter. So, when she does get caught, she is not ready for what is in store for her. Winston, however, has been up to debating O'Brien for most of his life. Winston always knew he would be caught and it takes something like room 101 to break him. I'm not sure Julia even got to room 101. If she did, her fear might have had something to do with lack of control; she loved to think she was in control.

I'm also not sure Julia ever got in the Room 101!