i need help in these questions please! it's from The World is Flat book

1. What are the three reasons that the fall of the Berlin Wall was an important flattener in the world?

2. What does Friedman see as the most important factor for the falling of the Berlin Wall? Why?

3. Describe three important aspects of the design of Berners-Lee World Wide Web?

4. Why was the Netscape such a huge flattening force?

5. How did Netscape make the Internet interoperable?

6. What caused the large-scale global installation of fiber optic cable and why do they continue to be so valuable?

7. Describe the production (the work flow) of the animated show, Higglytown Heroes through a global supply chain? Who does what and where to create each episode of the show?

8. In addition to the Internet and the World Wide Web, what were the two other things Friedman thought were needed for work to flow seamlessly?

9. What do XML and SOAP allow computer programs to do?

10. Why are standards so important to software development?

11. Why are web-based applications so important to leveling the playing field for small and medium size businesses?

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I'm sorry, we are unable to answer history related questions that do not directly pertain to a novel listed in Gradesaver's categories.