12 Angry Men

To kill a Mockingbird

After reading chapters 18-24 in To Kill a Mockingbird and viewing the clips about the Jim Crow Laws and the Freedom Riders, discuss how Atticus Finch is similar to the Freedom Riders. Think about the questions below

  • How does Atticus display courage?
  • How do the Freedom Riders display courage?
  • Why are their actions considered courageous?
  • What is Atticus fighting for?
  • What are the Freedom Riders fighting for?
  • How do things turn out in Atticus' fight?
  • How do things turn out in the Freedom Riders' fight?

After completing your comparison, discuss what you believe you would have done if you were in Attitcus' and/or the Freedom Riders' shoes? Would you have taken a stand? Why or why not?

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I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum designed for text related questions. We are unable to answer questions related to "film clips" or shorts that are provided in your curriculum.