12 Angry Men

All 12 men listened to the same facts in the court room. Why dont they agree about what the facts mean? why cant they agree on a verdict?

a short essay about 150 words .

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While the fats of the situation may be the same to each man, the way he interprets those facts reflects the differences in people and the different ways they view things. They add their own understanding of people's motives as a way of rethinking the facts.

The jurors are very different people, and their interpretation of the stated facts is colored by individual feeling and perceptions. Example; Juror 3 is biased because of his relationship with his son/ Juror 10 is a bigot/ Juror 5 grew up in and works in the slums. All of these things have an impact on the group as a whole. Thus, the way they see things can and is very different.